When care and independence for senior citizens is the priority.

Having our own experience of the challenges that both our parents and we ourselves face, we began developing Moxiam in 2017. Current care and nursing provision cannot take care of the growing need for care and supervision either. The stress and the feeling of not being able to do enough as relatives also gave us a bad conscience.

Getting continuous, fact-based information about health conditions and needs when we weren’t there in person helped to reduce these feelings. So we began investigating the possibilities of building an information platform, an analysis engine and a way to display the overall conclusions in an app.

The team behind Moxiam have backgrounds and experience from the healthcare industry, technology and telecoms. And of building sustainable companies. We decided to develop a user-friendly and affordable service that contributes towards increased quality of life, preserves privacy, and which gives senior citizens and their relatives an opportunity peace of mind.

In today’s society, relatives are having to take increasing responsibility for the care of their elderly family members. To cope with this situation, we need solutions that offer information and knowledge about the everyday lives of our senior citizens. Based on behavioural patterns, Moxiam offers exactly that, providing information if anything different from the normal routine occurs.

Moxiam’s goal is to contribute towards a better life for senior citizens and their relatives. Our service is centred on the individual and built on basic values of privacy and independence:

  • We want to feel in control of our own lives
  • We aim to maintain or improve our quality of life
  • We want to meet socially and have relationships with the people around us

Because every moment counts

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