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Discover MoxiamHome, the thoughtful solution designed to support your own lifestyle and independence while keeping you connected to your loved ones. Our discrete, sensor-based technology offers a seamless way to share your well-being with family and people you trust, without intruding your privacy or daily routine.

MoxiamHome allows you to continue your active and independent lifestyle whenever you can while receiving support from your loved ones whenever you need.

How does it work?

MoxiamHome utilizes a sophisticated system of sensors and a central gateway to recognize and adapt to your own lifestyle and daily routines, ensuring seamless operation. Once set up, it interprets your usual patterns within your home, sending timely insights and notifications directly to your app, so you’re always in the loop.

The MoxiamHome app

Enhance your peace of mind with these key app widgets:

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If you’re looking for a digital-only solution that supports your independence and active lifestyle, consider exploring our Moxiam & Moxiam+ solutions.