What do our users say?

“No need of control questions and we can focus on quality time together”

‘My mother suffered from dementia early in life and it’s been unbelievably stressful for everyone involved. My relationship with my mother became very bad very quickly. All of our conversations were just about me confirming that she had eaten, got out of bed and taken care of her hygiene. My mum is on the verge of not being able to live at home alone and she’s refusing to move out of her apartment. With Moxiam, I get a notification that my mum has got up in the morning and is following her daily routines. This means that, instead of starting a conversation with her by saying ‘Have you eaten?’, I can say ‘I love you’ instead.

‘Now I can get out a lot more often!’

‘Unfortunately, my beloved Johan has aged more quickly than I have. I don’t want to put him in a home under any circumstances, but being trapped in the house every minute of the day wouldn’t work. With Moxiam, I know that Johan hasn’t opened the front door, and I can also see his movements between the various rooms in the house. Now I can have a stroll around the park, have a coffee with friends, or go for a longer walk without worrying.

‘Moxiam gave me insights into health conditions’

‘My dad was getting more and more tired every time we met. Thanks to the Moxiam app, I understood that my dad was going to the toilet several times a night. Shortly afterwards I understood that he was suffering from incontinence’

‘Now we’re less stressed’

‘Åke is our favourite uncle, he’s 92 and lives alone in a flat. My sister and I used to call him every morning to check he was okay. When he didn’t answer, we used to panic. One of us would have to rush from work or whatever else we were doing to find out if anything had happened to him. Luckily, so far it hasn’t been anything more serious than him leaving the phone off the hook. With the Moxiam app, I know that he’s got up in the morning and if he’s doing the things he normally does. My conversations with my sister, and with Åke, are a lot less stressful’.