How Moxiam works

Moxiam is a health app where you can see how your mother or father is doing. Sensors detect movements in the home and the app continuously compares the patterns that this creates. Then, if there are any changes from their daily routines, the app will quickly notify you.

Why is the movement pattern important?

When you don’t have the facts, it’s easy to be anxious. And without the facts, it’s easy to get into habits involving routinely investigating things, whether they’re needed or not. Instead with the Moxiam app you get information about how your mother or father is doing based on actual facts, and you avoid worrying as well as having to ask confirmation questions.

The app uses motion sensors that collect input around the clock on how the elderly person is moving around in the home without violating their personal integrity. It’s not a camera, just a movement sensor. This is interesting for two reasons. The app shows if your father has got out of bed in the morning as normal, but also tells you when he’s had his morning coffee and it’s okay to call.

The app sends you notifications

You can also find out if a daily pattern has changed in some way. It could be something urgent, such as your father not getting up yet, even though it should have happened some time ago. So something might have happened and it’s worth checking it out. Or it could be more of a subtle change to a pattern, but equally important. Maybe the app shows that your father has started going to the toilet a lot more often, which could be a sign of incontinence, so it’s better if you find this out in good time.

It only takes two weeks for Moxiam to learn your parent’s individual movement patterns and habits, then the app can send notifications if something changes. At the same time, it’s not using cameras but sensors, so no one can see what the person is doing. And when you get a notification, you choose the way to contact them. Whether you want to call them or use the app.

Moxiam has three different status levels that the app responds to: green, yellow and red.

Moxiam kit

When you sign up for a subscription with us, we’ll send a Moxiam kit within 3-5 working days. The box contains motion sensors (one for each room), a door sensor, cables and a gateway that you connect to your internet with a simple installation guide you can find in the app. You put the sensors up with self-adhesive tape and batteries are also included. No tools necessary!

Even though the installation is easy, you might sometimes need help. So we have a partnership with Techbuddy, if you need help installing Moxiam and live in Sweden. Click here to book a technician who will come to your home and help you.

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