For us at Moxiam, it is important that you as a customer always feel well taken
care of. We are close at hand if you have questions about the service, installation
or other questions. The easiest way to reach us is via our chat during the day,
email or phone 010-888 73 66. Also read the FAQ below,
where the answer to your question may be found.

Get started with moxiam

Go to the store on our website, click on the offer you want and follow the instructions. Once you have received your installation package with sensors, gateway and cables, it is easy to install. Just follow the instructions in the box or in the app that you download. Then you’re up and running. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help.

An existing internet connection in your home and that the sensors are installed as instructed.

As soon as you have connected Moxiam to your internet, the service is activated automatically and you can follow the process directly in the app.

The service costs SEK 249 a month. The installation packages cost between SEK 1200-1800. What differs between the installation packages is how big a home you have, which affects how many sensors are required.

The installation package is automatically determined for you when you fill in how many rooms your home has. There must be a sensor in each room.

How to register for the Moxiam service

You register by filling in the order on our website.

You must purchase a subscription for the Moxiam service, where the registration also takes place in order to use the service.

The sensors in the box are the ones that send the signals to the cloud service, which means that you and relatives can see the information in the Moxiam app.

This is how the Moxiam service works

Once the installation is done, the person who has done the installation (and who becomes the administrator) can easily invite relatives or friends directly from the app’s settings.

The information is sent from the app as push notifications in the phone to the people who use the app.

The information is sent via the cloud service directly to the app, so regardless of where in the world you are, you will receive information as long as you have contact with the internet. If the person who has the service at home is away, you do not need to do anything. The service senses that no one is home.

All the ones you have chosen, through your invitation in the app.

As soon as the resident moves in the home, the position is updated.

The resident can download the app himself and have access to the same information that relatives have.

This is important for the system to understand when someone comes or leaves home.

Payment and subscription

In order for the payment of the service to take place, the card details are needed and for payment to take place monthly.

In cases where you have chosen to pay for the installation package for a 12-
month period, your monthly cost will decrease after 12 months because the installation package has been paid for. You then pay only SEK 249 for the Moxiam service.

In cases where you want a lower monthly fee from the start, it is advantageous to pay for the installation package directly in the store.

Common problems

If a relative is unable to install the Moxiam app, it may be due to the relative’s smartphone. Then contact the smartphone salesman for help. It may also be because the relative does not have an internet connection.

Please try again and check your spam. If it still does not work, send an email to or call Moxiam Customer Support 010-888 73 66

Check that the battery in the sensor is charged

Be sure to follow the instructions for the door sensor installation. Description is in the box and on our website. If it still does not work, contact Moxiam Customer Support or call 010-888 73 66


We are very careful about your personal information and how it is processed. We closely follow the EU directives that apply to data security. You can read more under general terms and conditions and GDPR.

Only people connected to an installation and Moxiam’s support staff can see the information about the specific installation.

You can easily download the Moxiam app again in your new smartphone and continue using the service because your account has already been saved.


Do you have another question? Please contact us.