A safer life with Moxiam

It’s now possible to create a safer everyday life for both senior citizens and their relatives. With Moxiam, you get an app that helps to alleviate unnecessary anxiety around the clock. You can see how your parent is doing and receive messages if there’s something wrong.

And it’s not just about what’s happening in real time, the app continuously analyses patterns and tells you if there’s anything different that you need to know about. The Moxiam app gives you clear overviews on sleep, activities and health.

With Moxiam, you don’t have to ask confirmation questions, but instead you can use the time to socialise properly and make the most of the moments in life that really count.



You can share Moxiam with others

You can also share Moxiam with various relatives, friends or neighbours. You choose who can see the overviews and then they download the app.

You can also keep in touch with each other via the app.

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